idol stage skirts?!!!??


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I have been loving these types of skirts. This type of half skirt with pants under have been catching my eye becasue of there uniqueness.  For some reason i have been loving this style. 🙂 Many idols have been wearing them and they have been catching my eye. They wear them as stage outfits and gosh are they so cute. Im not much of a skirt person but this skirt has shorts under so its not like you would be wearing a “skirt” but more of a skort. Also I have not seen anybody wearing them so they seem even more unique to me.The only problem is that I dont know where to buy them. 😦 I did find the oioi mixed skirt but its so expensive ( its about $50 or more…) and I dont have that type of money being a student.  If anyone knows where I can buy one for a good price please comment down below and also comment how you feel about this skirt do you like it or not?


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