The first 4-5 episodes were kind of boring. Then the rest of the episodes were very interesting. I had a hard time understanding the ending it took me a while to finally understand what had happened at the end. The cast was amazing and the plot was well written. Over all this is a great drama and I would recommend this to people who like action and romance. Fun Fact the actors and actresses that portrayed the main couple actually got married in real life. ( There are 20 episodes)

Main Actors & Actresses

  • Ahn Jae Hyun (Park Ji Sang)
  • Ku Hye Sun (Yoo Ri Ta)
  • Ji Jin Hee (Lee Jae Wook)
  • Kim Kap Soo
  • Sohn Su Hyun

idol stage skirts?!!!??


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I have been loving these types of skirts. This type of half skirt with pants under have been catching my eye becasue of there uniqueness. Ā For some reason i have been loving this style. šŸ™‚ Many idols have been wearing them and they have been catching my eye. They wear them as stage outfits and gosh are they so cute. Im not much of a skirt person but this skirt has shorts under so its not like you would be wearing a “skirt” but more of a skort. Also I have not seen anybody wearing them so they seem even more unique to me.The only problem is that I dont know where to buy them. šŸ˜¦ I did find the oioi mixed skirt but its so expensive ( its about $50 or more…) and I dont have that type of money being a student. Ā If anyone knows where I can buy one for a good price please comment down below and also comment how you feel about this skirt do you like it or not?


I really enjoyed this drama and would totally watch it again. The plot was really well written and you could tell that the actor and actresses had good chemistry. The acting was also done very well and I would say that because of the well written plot and wonderful acting I was really hooked to this drama. This drama is one of the best that I have watched and would recommend this to anyone who likes medical and disaster dramas.The thing that I didnā€™t like about this drama was the ending, because for some reason it didnā€™t feel complete as if something was going to happen or there was going to be a season 2. Other then the ending I would totally recommend this drama to everyone. ( There are 20 episodesĀ in this drama)

Main Actors & Actresses

  • Kim Young Kwang
  • Jung So Min
  • Ha Seok Jin
  • Yoon Joo Hee
  • Cha In Pyo

Starting Off

I am just starting off and still not sure of what i want to do so my blog may be changing alot. If you have any suggestions please comment down or contact me. thank you so much for your support.